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Greetings! We will soon be meeting in Huntsville for the Alabama North NMI District Convention.

We have an urgent need for funding for the Ganda/Tanzania District Training Center Project. We have ambitiously attempted four work and witness projects this year and we need folks, if they have not already sent in, to bring their work and witness funds to convention. It would also help if you would bring about $40 with you for the Friday night offering. If everyone would do that then we would have the funds we need for the Africa project.

The funds are here for the Amazon project and we have a quilt to auction off for the South Dakota project but we are coming up short for Africa.

Anything over the $10,000 will go to help provide cows and feed for local pastors. View this through God’s eyes, and trust Him for a miracle. Have mission vision and help us complete these projects and bless pastors in Tanzania, not only with a place to train and learn, but with a means to support their families.

We are looking forward to seeing you at convention!

Casey Faulkner,


April 2018

Missions Emphasis:  Mission Education


5-8  TNT @ TNU

20-22  Layman's/Servant Retreat @ Shocco Springs Retreat Center

27-28  District NYI Convention

May 2018

Missions Emphasis: Mission Health Care

4-5 NMI/SDMI Convention

6-7 District Assembly with Dr. David Graves

June 2018

Missions Emphasis: World Mission Broadcast

11-15 YES Conference

25-29 Tween Children’s Camp

July 2018

Missions Emphasis: International Ministries/Bible Schools & Seminaries

2-5 Primary Children’s Camp/Camp Garner Creek, Tn.

8 NYI Council Mtg./Cullman First

17-21 Teen Camp/Camp Garner Creek, Tn.

22-29 W & W Trip to Kentucky

27 SDMI Council/Hayden Faith @ 6:30 pm



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 Phone: 256-507-3331

Lamar Smith, Executive Assistant
 Phone: 205-514-6201

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 Phone: 205-265-3323

Kris Wood, Communications Coordinator

Mailing Address:
 PO Box 1250,
 Jasper, AL, 35502