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NMI—Mobilizing the Church in Missions

September 25, 2017


Horn of Africa Shares. The Horn of Africa field recently received an offering to provide disaster relief following mudslides in Sierra Leone that killed 1,000 people. The Horn of Africa is almost 4,000 miles or 6,400 km away from Sierra Leone. Church members gave generously including those in refugee camps who sold their maize allocation to help those suffering. In an area of the world where people regularly experience trauma and loss associated with war, drought, famine, and disease, people of faith collected over US $2,500.


Book Recommendation.  "Seldom do we have the opportunity to step behind the Iron Curtain and experience life in the former Soviet Union. This 'eyewitness' account of the oppression and persecution of Christians offers a new perspective on ministry during that period of history, as well as today. You will be encouraged in your faith as you read this account of God’s incredible work."

—Frank Moore, General Editor, Church of the Nazarene
Note: Eyewitness is a 2017-2018 NMI Missions Book
To read Eyewitness by Gusztinné Tulipán Mária,
Click to order from NPH, download free PDF, or download free audio files.
Spanish available here.


Alabaster. Since Alabaster began in 1949, over US $115 million has been donated. Thank you for sharing with others through Alabaster. | 913-577-2970 |





September 2017

Missions Emphasis: Alabaster

5-8  District Superintendent Conf./Charleston, SC

7-9  New Dynamics Certified Trainer

22-24  District Women's Retreat

October 2017

Missions Emphasis: Mission Priority One

7  NYI Council Mtg./Cullman First

12  SDMI Mtg./Hayden Faith

12  NMI Council Mtg./Cullman First

18-20   Minister's & Mate's Retreat/Pigeon Forge, TN

22-28  District NMI Tour

27-29  District Youth Fall Retreat

November 2017

Missions Emphasis: Thanksgiving Offering

2-3  TNU Board of Trustees

3-4  TNU Homecoming

16  DAB Meeting/Cullman First

December 2017

Missions Emphasis: Nazarene Compassionate Ministries

8  Minister's & Mate's Christmas Dinner

18  District TNT Registration Due




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