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Monday Update

NMI—Mobilizing the Church in Missions

October 16, 2017


Christmas Gifts for Links Missionaries. To give financial Christmas gifts to assigned Links missionaries (not Missionary Christmas Fund), submit funds as you do for all mission specials. Be sure to designate that the gift is for Links and include the Links missionary’s name. Financial gifts for Links missionaries are Approved Mission Specials.


Missionary Christmas Fund. The Missionary Christmas Fund (MCF) is a Global Mission fund that provides Holiness Today, Reflecting God, and a monetary bonus at Christmas time to all qualifying missionaries. Since it is a general fund—not related to Links—specific missionaries’ names should not be mentioned when remitting MCF gifts. The MCF is an Approved Mission Special (Ten Percent).


Thank You Note "I am very much thankful…for the scholarship received from NMI today. The road to finishing my Master of Arts in Religion studies has been challenging due to financial limitations, and this award has come at the right time….[I] am glad too that my calling to ministry is being fulfilled…as I will be made a useful instrument in service for God’s good….My prayer is that the Lord will bless NMI in all its activities around the globe."

NMI International Student Scholarship Recipient

To help provide scholarships, visit here. | 913-577-2970 |

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September 2017

Missions Emphasis: Alabaster

5-8  District Superintendent Conf./Charleston, SC

7-9  New Dynamics Certified Trainer

22-24  District Women's Retreat

October 2017

Missions Emphasis: Mission Priority One

7  NYI Council Mtg./Cullman First

12  SDMI Mtg./Hayden Faith

12  NMI Council Mtg./Cullman First

18-20   Minister's & Mate's Retreat/Pigeon Forge, TN

22-28  District NMI Tour

27-29  District Youth Fall Retreat

November 2017

Missions Emphasis: Thanksgiving Offering

2-3  TNU Board of Trustees

3-4  TNU Homecoming

16  DAB Meeting/Cullman First

December 2017

Missions Emphasis: Nazarene Compassionate Ministries

8  Minister's & Mate's Christmas Dinner

18  District TNT Registration Due




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